In some cases, knots are not seen as a positive thing – like when anxious or tensed and you feel a knot in your stomach or when your necklace ends up in knots that’s difficult to undo.
But knots are important when used with knowledge and skill, knots are one of the keys to smooth sailing because they provide security.
On a boat, there are lots of ropes- but these ropes are called lines. Many lines have one function and purpose: to be tied to something secure. In order to be secure, each line must be tied to something fixed on the other end by a very strong knot.


Before you tie a knot, you need to make sure that what you’re tying it to is strong enough to hold it secure. The strength of a good knot comes from the thing to which it is tied.
All I’m saying boils down to this: Our lives have a lot of lines as well. It is easy for those lines to get knotted to about all sorts of things, with bad knots in the middle that keep us from sailing with ease. These obstacles come from tying ourselves to things we should not be tied to: false obligations, guilty feelings, our fears and worries, etc. But we can learn to untie those knots and retie them to the right things – the things that make us secure and set us free at the same time.
Hope runs along lines that are tied with strong knots to the right things. This means the lines cannot be tied to another person or possessions cos when we tie the lines of our lives to those things, we end up in knots, feeling insecure. The BEST knot we can tie is to CHRIST. That is the line that makes us secure and sets us free at the same time. He is the anchor and the cleat for the lines of our lives.


This is the reason the bible calls Hope our “Spiritual Lifeline”. Because when the lines of our lives is tied to something strong enough to support us, we have great hope. When we tie the main sail of our lives to Christ, the line is made secure by the strong knot of His Love, and it will not pull loose. He is holding it tight on the other end and that gives us SECURITY.  He directs our lives with the wind of His great love and we get glorious hope freely and generously from Him.
It’s time to Let Go and Let God.
Who or What are the lines of your life knotted up to?
Its never too late to untie those knots and retie them.
                    Lots of Love, MayreeH.

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I'm Me... I Love Xpressin myslf and the many things I'm passionate about.
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2 Responses to KNOTS

  1. Miss TLG says:

    Hmmmm I am still struggling with untying mine. God will help me sha

  2. Yeankar says:

    Nice write-up esp for those who haven’t tied that knot that is Almost unbreakable.

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