* Life is demanding and requires a lot of prayers and planning. But as  you allow God into your daily life and schedule, He will guide your steps as you move towards the future.
* Whatever you value most gets your time and energy. Is spending time with God a daily priority? Or is He getting squeezed out of your busy schedule?


* Never allow someone else’s expectations drive your daily agenda.
* You can have it all but not all at the same time. There is a difference between abandonment of responsibility and adjustment of priorities.
*The brain is very much like a Bank. Everyday, you make thought deposits in your “Mind Bank”. These thought deposits grow and become your Memory. Deposit only positive thoughts in your Memory Bank.


*Never underestimate your own intelligence. Don’t sell yourself short, concentrate on your assets.  It’s not how many brains you’ve got that matters… It’s how you use your brains that counts.
*Above all paths, plans and people, deliberately rest in God’s will for your life.


Just essentials / reminders for the week. May God grant us the Grace and Strength to be patient enough to wait on Him and trust His Will for Our Lives. Amen
  Have a Bountifully Blessed Week

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I'm Me... I Love Xpressin myslf and the many things I'm passionate about.
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