We often get too bothered about how we look that we go extra miles to look better but who is underneath the clothes, hair & makeup? What is your Standard based on? Who do you reflect? God or the World?
Though it is important to look good physically but how great it would be if your inside was just as good or even better.
The best way to achieve this is by building an intimate relationship with that one person who will love you just the way you are, more than you can ever imagine- God.
Makeovers and Clothes give only temporary change but the real change is made by God. It is deep and permanent. He will make a change that is sweet, beautiful and free. And He will perfect everything that concerns you but that is only if you are willing to let Him in.
The best part is that when God is involved within, everything about you- in and out (face, smile, voice, thoughts, work, actions, attitude)- stands out, you begin to reflect Him.
With God, you can be yourself, you don’t have to put up a show.
To God, you’re not too short, too skinny, too fat or too slow. With Him, you don’t always have to say the right words, look perfect or follow the latest trends.
With God, underneath your cool clothes, hair and makeup is a happy heart- a heart made free and clean and beautiful by the One who created it. There is no pressure to look perfect or live up some impossible image.

Ask yourself… Who do I reflect? What is my standard based on?


Let God be the person you look for when you look into the mirror every morning. And you know what? He’s ALWAYS there. 

         Have a Fabulous Sunday
           Love You Plenty Much,

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6 Responses to REFLECTION

  1. pascal callymore says:

    Lovely post

  2. B'SHOP! says:

    This is a great revelation to the nation;
    I Assure You That God Is Happy About ‘All These sharing’.

  3. Yeankar says:

    Thanks for the write-up. Truly inspirational.Keep it up

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